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General Information for Entering Hungary

Visa applications are handled by the Embassy of Hungary in Washington D.C. and its consular section provides complete information about visa requiremens, rules governing entry into Hungary by stateless persons and recognized refugees, holders of United Nations laisser-passez, and holders of diplomatic and service passports. It further includes basic guidelines for visa free transit, transit, and airport transit visas.

More information about Schengen Visas and general information about entering Hungary is explained here.

Visa Exemptions

The Embassy’s website also includes information about certain exemptions from requirements to obtain visas to enter Hungary with the purpose of staying less than 90 days. 
Please also consult the Embassy’s website for information regarding visas for stays in excess of 90 days.



Honorary Consul Chris Domeny
Chris Domeny is Honorary Consul in Charlotte

Chris Domeny is the Honorary Consul in Charlotte