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Applying for Hungarian Biometric Passportsā€‹

Hungary issues passports (and renewals) according to the norms of the EU, meaning that passports have to contain a microchip bearing the so-called biometric data of the applicant.  The photograph, the signature and fingerprints are stored electronically on the chip.
For that reason, passport applications can only be made in person, and applicants need to visit a Hungarian diplomatic representation to complete the process.  Only the consular officials in Washington, New York and Los Angeles are equipped to process passports and the Embassy's consular section on passports lists the respective locations and contact information.
The Embassy recognizes the fact that for a large country such as the US there are not enough points of application. The Embassy, therefore, from time to time may send out mobile units so that the local Honorary Consul may host a “consular day” in which the consul from the Embassy in Washington visits the locale and receives applications locally.  Check with your Honorary Consul to determine whether such a visit is planned.



Honorary Consul Chris Domeny
Chris Domeny is Honorary Consul in Charlotte

Chris Domeny is the Honorary Consul in Charlotte