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Regional Diaspora Conference 2017
Posted on: October 17, 2017

by Róbert Maxim

Minneapolis, October 16, 2017

On October 14th, 2017 the Consulate General of Hungary in Chicago organized the second Regional Diaspora Meeting in the Hungarian Museum in Cleveland. The purpose of the event was to unite Hungarians in the region and strengthen inter-organizational relations. The meeting serves as a platform for the surrounding Hungarian communities to talk about their problems or difficulties.

The Board of the Conference featured Dr. Zita Bencsik as Consul General of Hungary in Chicago, Dr. Péter Szilágyi as Deputy State Secretary for Hungarian Communities Abroad, Anna Smith Lacey as Director of the Hungarian Initiatives Foundation and Consul Zsuzsanna Pálmai.

After the Consul General of Hungary in Chicago greeted the guests Dr. Péter Szilágyi held a presentation about the current plans and ambitions of Hungary towards the Diaspora. He was open for any questions and got plenty of them during the coffee break.

Anna Smith Lacey had a presentation about HIF and how their grants work, what their purpose is and who are eligible as partners.

Zsolt Dömötörffy held a detailed presentation after lunch about Zoltán Kodály, the famous Hungarian composer, ethnomusicologist, pedagogue, linguist, and philosopher, The guests had the opportunity not just to listen to his music, but understand it and what it means to Hungarians.

The conclusion of the day meant a great surprise, as Andrea Mészárosné (center) was presented the Knight’s Cross of the Order of Merit for preserving and promoting Hungarian culture in Cleveland, and for her hard and tireless work in the Hungarian Museum and Hungarian Scouting. As a reminder, Csilla Grauzer was presented the same award a year ago.

The meeting was closed by Dr. Zita Bencsik thanking everyone for their wonderful work and dedication in the Hungarian communities in the USA. She emphasized that anyone can and should contact her with any kind of problems they may have and she will be more than honored to help.

Honorary Consul Csilla Grauzer
Csilla Grauzer is Honorary Consul in Minneapolis

Csilla Grauzer is the Honorary Consul in Minneapolis