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Community - Minnesota Hungarians

Minnesota Hungarian is committed to represent and promote

the Hungarian culture and heritage in Minnesota and in the USA


Minnesota Hungarians was organized by Hungarian immigrants and their supporters in Minnesota over 100 years ago. It’s goals have been to engage in cultural and philanthropic endeavors as a non-profit and charitable association.


These objectives defined by our ancestors are still important for us these days. The mission of Minnesota Hungarians is to represent and promote the Hungarian culture and heritage in Minnesota and the U.S.A. and to deepen cultural and economic partnership between Hungary and the United States.


Minnesota Hungarians organizes and conducts cultural, educational, artistic and recreational events, workshops, picnics and festivals, traditional celebrations and commemoration days, seasonal and annual programs that help us keep the connection with our roots and also with local organizations, communities and other ethnic groups.


At Minnesota Hungarians we feel it is really important to support various worthy projects, organizations and individuals through donations.


The Minnesota Hungarians welcomes all Hungarian-Americans and friends to become members of our community!



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Honorary Consul Csilla Grauzer
Csilla Grauzer is Honorary Consul in Minneapolis

Csilla Grauzer is the Honorary Consul in Minneapolis