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President Obama Congratulates Prime Minister Orbán on his Electoral Victory
Posted on: May 09, 2014

President Barack Obama has sent a letter to Prime Minister Viktor Orbán congratulating him on his party's victory in the Hungarian elections.

Emphasizing the importance of the NATO alliance and a shared commitment to advancing peace and security, U.S. President Barack Obama sent his best wishes to Prime Minister Viktor Orbán on the occasion of his being officially nominated by the President of the Republic.

“Congratulations on your party’s strong showing in the April parliamentary election,” President Obama wrote. “I wish you all the best as you begin a new term in office.”

Prime Minister Orbán and President Obama. Source: Europress/AFP

His message to the prime minister expressed appreciation for “our strong bilateral ties and our shared commitment to advancing peace and security from the Balkans to Afghanistan.”

President Obama also made direct reference to Ukraine. “It is important that the United States and Europe stand together for democratic principles, particularly in a time in which the peace and security of Europe is being tested.” On the subject of democratic principles and Ukraine, President Obama took the opportunity to say that “we must remain dedicated to the same ideals at home” and encouraged the prime minister in efforts to build Hungary’s democratic heritage.

In closing, the president of the United States conveyed a clear message. “Let me also take this opportunity to assure you of the importance I attach to our NATO alliance and the unwavering commitment of the United States to defending our shared security.

Honorary Consul Christopher Ball
Christopher Ball is Honorary Consul in New Haven

Christopher Ball is the Honorary Consul in New Haven