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NATO Backs Hungarian Migration Initiative at 2016 Warsaw Summit
Posted on: July 12, 2016

In a statement to Hungarian press and public television channel M1 at the conclusion of the two-day NATO Summit in Warsaw, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán praised NATO for renewed pledges to assist in the resolution of the Syrian Civil War and migration crisis. “We have won NATO’s support to back our side: […] we stated that illegal migration must be stopped, that the external borders must be protected, and that the uncontrolled influx brings risks which are not only of a civilian nature, but also affect military security,” said Orbán. 

Also addressing the NATO-Ukraine meeting, Orbán reaffirmed Hungary's support for its eastern neighbor’s efforts towards integration into the Euro-Atlantic security and defense system, whilst also stressing that "Ukraine is a country in a difficult situation, and we cannot see how in the short term it could be westernized – either in terms of economic functioning, public administration or defense,” Orbán said.

At the same time the Prime Minister said that all attendees and member states were strongly in favor of Macedonia’s urgent accession, any further postponement of which would be a "strategic error for which we might have to pay a high price later”. 

n reference to NATO-Russian relations, Orbán pointed out that in midst of the increased East-Central European NATO membership, debate remains as to whether Hungary and other countries should take the decision to install NATO military capabilities in the region. “No one wants to ensure Central Europe’s military security by making Russia our enemy” stressed Orbán. Orban confirmed that "None of the decisions adopted at the Warsaw Summit are in violation of earlier NATO-Russia agreements, but there will be both a continuous rotating military presence in some Central European countries as well as the installation of leadership centers [NFIUs] in Hungary."

(Cabinet Office of the Prime Minister)

Honorary Consul Gyorgy Simon
Gyorgy Simon is Honorary Consul in Salt Lake City

Gyorgy Simon is the Honorary Consul in Salt Lake City